November 2014

3rd Avenue Arts gallery, Drumheller, AB. Canada.

A few days ago, we took a daytrip to Drumheller, Alberta. It is a 3.5 hour drive to get there from our place. A lovely gallery in downtown Drumheller – 3rd Avenue Arts – had seen our pewter at a recent metal art show and requested to consign some, so we were happy to oblige, despite the 7 hours in the truck. It was also a little chilly at -17C with snow on the ground after the weekend snowfalls. At these temperatures in Winter in Canada, we need snow tyres on the truck, winter gear like warm jackets, hats, gloves and snacks, and emergency winter gear – sleeping bags, extra warm clothing in case we hit the ditch and get stuck. With all that in the cab plus our three year daughter, her bag of books and cuddly toys, our black lab dog, and the boxes of pewter, it was a little cramped. But you can never be sure when you might need those warm clothes and sleeping bags. They will stay in our vehicles all winter, from now till May.
Drumheller is dinosaur and hoodoo country. I had only been there once before when I first moved here from Scotland. And that was a brief overnight stay to see the famous Tyrrell Dinosaur museum. After seeing a little bit of Drumheller town, we will definitely be back in the summer for a longer visit, to explore the town and surrounding countryside, and to see our new friends at 3rd Avenue Arts in Gallery Row, Drumheller 🙂

– in sunny Alberta 🙂

The Christmas shows – Red Deer(2 wks past), Make It (2 weeks future)

Two weeks ago we were vendors at a Signatures show in Red Deer – the “Our Best to You” Christmas craft show. What a great venue and a friendly bunch of people. We stayed in our holiday trailer in the on-site campsite which was very handy as we could walk over to the venue, and pop back when our three year old daughter needed a break. She was simply amazing for a toddler at an event like this. The first day was 13 hours long! The second was over 8 hours, the last was 7 hours, not including take down. A long time to keep a toddler amused while talking to visitors to the show. LEGO was a lifesaver. I’m so glad we gave her ‘real‘ Lego for her recent birthday!
We took our black Labrador along with us too. She stayed in our trailer, her sleep interrupted by our visits back to see she was OK. I’m so glad she could come too. Its a shame our black cat Lucky had to stay home, but she was visited by our neighbour who was also fish-sitting our daughter‘s blue and red beta fish – Spiderman-the-fish. She named her fish herself when she was given it for her birthday the week prior. Our wee girl is Spiderman daft!
Below is a photo of some of our new designs for Christmas this year. They still need holes and ribbon added yet. We did the holly last year, but this year we coloured it. The candle is new, we named it “Little Light”. “Serenity” is new too and named as such because the Sun’s expression is so peaceful. “Christmas Tree” is one we’ve been working on for a while but I’m pleased how it finally turned out. We also have our homage to the Nativity, but no photo yet. We wanted it to represent new life, but also children with those people important to them, and vice versa, not necessarily just parents. For this reason, we named it “Blessed”. We will post a photo soon.
Our next event is Make It! Edmonton at the Enjoy Centre, St Albert, AB. on 20th to 23rd November. We are in booth #56, on the right if you head up the first aisle as you walk in.
Please note: our deadline for any Christmas orders has to be 1st December 2014. We will reopen the books in the second week of January.


– in sunny Alberta 🙂