White Barn Market, fairy gardens and prep for Brooks Medieval Faire


About 10 days ago, we had a table selling our pewter at a local outdoor market held on an acreage near Thorsby, AB – the White Barn Market. It poured rain most of the day, so we were glad we took our tent. What was amazing though, was the large number of people who braved the pouring rain to visit. And not just local people. Some had driven quite a distance to get there.
There were some interesting vendors, my favourite being someone from our local village who made fairy gardens. I hadn’t thought of it before but she said our miniatures, such as the tiny ladybirds and pumpkins would look great in a fairy garden. So she has got me thinking of some new miniatures we could create, especially for fairy gardens. If you haven’t seen fairy gardens before, Google them or look on Pinterest. Some of them are quite lovely. One of our friends bought one for our wee girl and she loves it  🙂
We are busy getting prepared for our next pewter adventure – the Brooks Medieval Faire on the 9th and 10th August. Our costumes are almost finished. I’m working on signage for our tent, as we can’t really use our usual signs which have photos on them. I think we have to try and be as authentic as possible to give visitors to the faire a good experience, and there were no cameras in medieval times! We’ve also been working on some new designs especially for Brooks. A rough working photo of some pieces is above, but time is getting short. There is only so much I can do during our toddler’s daily two hour nap! I might have to pull another all nighter soon…

– in sunny Alberta 🙂