Brooks Medieval Faire, 9th & 10th August 2014.

So it looks like Brooks Medieval Faire is going to be our next pewter adventure. And it sounds like it will be lots of fun. Thank you to Danny and Mary of Siding 14 Gallery in Ponoka, AB for suggesting this event to us when we saw you a few weeks ago  🙂
There will apparently be jousting, sword fighting, dancing, knights, ladies, jesters and more. We will be part of the Artisan Market on both days, in our tent rain or shine, and we will be dressed in Medieval costume, to try and add a bit of authenticity to the event. Not quite sure what pewter metal artisans would wear back then, but we have gone for inbetween peasant and noble, and have some basic costumes in mind. I even have a little one for our two and a half year old daughter, but might also take along her cute Tinker Bell-like dress – her “flying dress” she calls it because it has a pair of shimmery wings and when wearing it, she runs around the house shouting “I flying, I flying”  🙂
I’ve started creating some new designs for this event, following the medieval theme, and we have some other ideas up our sleeves for new pieces too. Hopefully we will have time to finish them before August. Watch this space!
I thought the photo below was in keeping with the medieval tone of this post. It was taken this Spring by my dad at the church in Scotland  where we were married.

And check out for more info about the faire.


Taken in Angus, Scotland, by Malcolm McBeath

– in sunny Alberta 🙂